Elegant soft powders can be formulated into luxurious, bath soaks or preservative-free cleansers that foam instantly when they come in contact with wet skin. Characterized by a rich, supple texture and free-flowing consistency, powders are pH neutral and non-irritating and can be enhanced with protein enriched amino acids to fortify and protect the skin. Both powder cleansers and bath powders can be created in custom colors and varied textures.

Powder Cleansers:

  • Add detoxifying cleansing action
  • Include micro-exfoliating action
  • Formulate for face, hands or body

Bath Powders:

  • Drench skin and water with conditioning benefits
  • Formulate with milk properties
  • Add foaming and/or effervescence
  • Formulate with AHA fruit acid for smoothing skin benefits
  • Deliver superior fragrance lift
  • Create theater with color changing options
  • Develop as a foot, hand or body soak

Customize with your signature scent.